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Are AirPods Pros Waterproof? Best Complete Guide

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If you’re considering AirPods as a present or an upgrade to your current wireless earbuds, you should consider how you want to use them before making a purchase. Wearing AirPods in the rain or while sweating during an exercise, for example, may not be a smart idea due to the varying degrees of water resistance in early AirPods, AirPods Max, and AirPods Pro versions. To avoid being harmed, it is important to know what to look out for.

So, Are AirPods pros waterproof? IPX4 is a grade given to the AirPods Pro by Apple, which means they are perspiration and water-resistant but not waterproof. The AirPods Pro is designed to work properly in some situations, such as when there is a light sweat or water splash. Unlike the charging case, which is sweat and water-resistant but not waterproof, this is a stand-alone item.

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Are AirPods Pros Waterproof?

The official IPX4 classification of the AirPods Pro indicates that they are water-resistant, but not waterproof.
There are three places where water might enter, collect, and destroy these earphones’ design. As a result, they should not be immersed in water.

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Noise-cancellation Microphone

There is a screen over a piece of the stem’s noise-canceling microphone, but it is not watertight. This portion of the AirPods Pro is directly connected to the circuitry inside and should not be submerged in water.

Pay attention to how often your AirPods Pro is exposed to the outdoors if you live in a rainy region. Over many days, even if it is only a little rain. The use of the microphone in the rain might lead to severe wear and corrosion due to the buildup of water inside the device. In the long run, the AirPods Pro should remain operationally reliable even if they are caught in a mild rainstorm once in a while.

Adaptive EQ microphone and speaker

There is no water resistance on the speaker or the adaptive EQ microphone, the other two weak points. Although they include a filter screen to keep out some water and perspiration, the earphones themselves will be damaged if even a small amount of moisture gets inside.

The adaptive EQ microphone and the sound driver might potentially be affected by water ingress during heavy downpours. The risk of water damage to the AirPods Pro is increased if water has more opportunities to access the ports. If the item isn’t damaged right away, it may do so over time, especially if it has been subjected to several severe downpours.

There is no official IP classification for water resistance on the charging case, thus it should be kept dry and away from any locations that may get damp in the future. AirPods Pro wireless charging case should not be immersed in water because of this.

These three components of the charging case are vulnerable to water damage:

  • The USB-C charging port
  • The wireless charging contacts inside the case
  • The Bluetooth pairing button.

No coating or seal protects the electrical components in these parts of the wireless charging device, thus they should not be exposed to water at all.

Are the first generation of AirPods water-proof?

No, that’s the simplest response. When using these AirPods, you must ensure that they are completely dry. So keep them out of the water, the shower, or any other place where they could be exposed to moisture. In addition, do not charge damp AirPods.

Are the new AirPods 2 water-resistant?

Short answer: No. But the lengthy explanation is because Apple applied a water-resistant coating to the small circuit boards in these devices. They figured out that if users were to use the AirPods while working out, the waterproof covering may help them avoid disaster.

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Can I use my AirPods Pro while taking a bath?

Showers, in contrast to rain, are an unfavorable condition in which to use the AirPods Pro for two reasons.

  1. Because the shower is more confined than the outside, greater temperatures of water can result in steam and high humidity, which can cause skin irritation. Electronics and humidity don’t mix, and the AirPods Pro aren’t water-resistant as they claim to be (IPX4 water-resistant).

For example, heated steam can cause water to infiltrate the earbuds’ outside components, such as their noise-cancellation microphone, but also press into the ear canal, where it can harm internal circuits like those found on AirPods Pro’s adaptive equalizer and sound driver.

In addition, the sound driver motor and the clever Apple H1 microprocessor that drives each earbud are at risk of harm.

  • Another reason why a shower cap can’t protect your AirPods from a shower is that the water is concentrated in a single location (often just over your head).

Even if you don’t use a shower head, water that squirts out from above your head can get inside your AirPods Pro via gravity and wreak havoc with their fragile microphones. As a result, the earbud’s driver and chip might be damaged by the buildup of water once it’s within the ear canal.

The underside of the AirPods Pro stem is also covered with an electrically conductive substance, which acts as a charging path while the headphones are in the case. At the bottom of the stem, where this charging port is located, water might pool and corrode the plates completely.

If you want your AirPods Pro to last, keep them out of the bathroom completely. Because the earbuds contain so much technology, and because of the exposed microphones and speakers on the exterior, it’s important to keep them away from places with high humidity and direct water pressure so that moisture can’t get inside and do any harm.

The AirPods Pro wireless charging case, which contains the buds, should also be kept away from excessive humidity and direct water flow, such as that of a shower because they are not meant to be water, sweat, or waterproof. The AirPods Pro case does not have an official water-resistance certification, thus any water exposure can quickly cause it to malfunction

Can you wear AirPods Pro in the rain?

It is not recommended to use AirPods Pro when swimming or taking a shower, as was previously stated. Other activities, such as working out or being caught in the weather, are also possible. Avoid getting your AirPods Pro wet whenever possible, even if there are some gray regions.

Even if it is raining fiercely, you should put your AirPods Pro in a dry pocket until the rain stops pouring. As long as it’s just a little rain shower, they should be alright, but any amount of water entry might cause them to fail. You should also avoid storing your AirPods Pro in the charging case if they’ve been exposed to water or other liquid. Once they’ve dried, put them in a dry pocket and wait to charge them.

What Should I Do if my Airpods Pros get wet?

Take these procedures if you discover that your AirPods Pro was accidentally wet and are concerned that they may have been damaged.

No matter how water-resistant your AirPods Pro are, they should still be dried immediately if they become wet. Clean and dry your AirPods by following the instructions below. Please follow these simple instructions immediately if you want to spare your AirPods from being damaged by rain or water.

Step 1: Use a Lint-Free Cloth and Cotton Swab Clean AirPods

Using a dry, lint-free cloth, wipe off your damp AirPods. To dry the tiny ports, we suggest using a cotton swab or Q-tip instead of a microfiber towel since the mesh apertures in the towel are too small.

Step 2: Give Your AirPods Enough Time to Dry

Let your AirPods dry for at least 24 hours before attaching them to a device to be sure they’re clean. To prevent damage to the charging case, it is best not to put the wet AirPods back into the charging case until they are completely dry. For at least three hours after cleaning the damp AirPod, try again.

Step 3: Use a hairdryer, but avoid the rice bag trick

Ideally, you should allow them to dry overnight. To speed up the drying process, and external drying force such as a hairdryer can be utilized. Don’t risk getting rice powder or small particles inside your AirPods port by using the old rice bag approach that may work for your iPhone but not your AirPods.

Remove the rubber ear tip from the housing by squeezing and tugging until it detaches from the circular plastic snap clip. This will guarantee that the speaker and sound driver are thoroughly dried. When you remove the earbud’s rubber ear tip, make careful to wipe it both inside and out.

Is it a good idea to soak your AirPods in rice to help them recover from water damage?

There is no such thing as drying your AirPods in a rice container, regardless of what anyone tells you. To prevent the rice from entering ports and apertures, avoid using this technique. It’s not much better than leaving it out in the rain or snow.

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How to Keep Your AirPods Safe from Water Damage?

Even if you follow the directions above to dry your AirPods, there is no assurance that they will continue to function if they become wet. Water can damage your AirPods instantaneously, but it can also slowly corrode the circuits over time. If your AirPods quit operating, you’ll have to pay for a new pair out of your own money. Even water-resistant AirPods and AirPods Pro are not covered by Apple’s guarantee. Use these additional precautions to ensure that your AirPods are as safe and dry as possible:

  • Keep your AirPods away from water.
  • When it rains, put your AirPods away.
  • Keep your AirPods out of other people’s beverages, please!
  • Before placing your garments in the washer, make sure to check your pockets.
  • When not in use, store your AirPods in their case.
  • To preserve the water-resistance seals on your AirPods, don’t drop or damage them.
  • Remove any makeup, perfume, sunscreen, or other things that may have gotten on your AirPods. Do this as soon as possible.

Protect your AirPods with a Case!

Consider purchasing a waterproof charging case or ear hooks for your AirPods if you’re concerned about them becoming wet. The ear hooks prevent your AirPods from slipping out of your ears and dropping into a puddle, while the charging case keeps them dry.

To get the most out of your AirPods, consider one of the many amazing AirPods accessories available. To keep your AirPods in sync, you’ll need something like a charging port, a wireless transmitter, or even a strap. Online, you’ll be able to locate everything you’re looking for.

As I discussed above, the AirPods Pro’s wireless charging case is not sweat, water, or waterproof. Aside from these two issues, it doesn’t have the official IPX4 classification that the earbuds have. It is important to keep the USB-C charging case dry and away from rain as much as possible, even if it is only a droplet of water.

Quick Tip: Make sure your AirPods Pro stays dry and out of the rain by putting up a rain hood over the buds or shielding your ears from the rain above with an umbrella if you find yourself in a drizzle. Put your AirPods Pro in a dry pocket or bag until the rain stops if you’re unsure about their suitability in a rainy setting. As a result, they will be protected from corrosion and provide a sense of security for a long time.

Conclusion About Are AirPods Pros Waterproof?

As the last recommendation, I would advise my readers to purchase a waterproof charging case or ear hooks to keep their AirPods safe at all times. Water damage can occur at any time, even while we’re not looking.

If your AirPods ever come into touch with water damage, you may at least reduce the severity of the damage by adding a layer of protection. If your AirPods have been damaged by water, I hope this guide has provided some useful advice to save your AirPods from water damage. Feel free to do comments and any query is welcomed.

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