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Are sharpies waterproof?

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A permanent marker is necessary for any task that demands writing a date, marking any package, creating a design, etc. One of the most typical origins of the marker is a permanent marker. Even I, an ordinary person, needed a permanent marker for such tasks. Additionally, I acquired the necessary sharpie marker. How successful was it? In every possible way, however, after some clearings.

One of my concerned questions is: Are sharpies waterproof? In general, sharpie markers are water-resistant and won’t lose their colour after being exposed to some moisture. The most precise response to this query, however, is that “it depends on numerous elements,” including the type of marker, the nature of liquids, and the material it is employed on.

Let us have a deep dive into the details of the hydrophobic nature of shares and how well they go with different materials.

Are sharpies waterproof?

Sharpie pens and markers promise to produce the clearest, most legible documents possible. The ink is designed to be completely waterproof, so it won’t bleed or fade. You have a lot of leeway in how you put it to use on different surfaces. Dew aThe marker will always impress you, whether you use it at school, at the office, or anywhere else.

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Because of the pen’s hydrophobic coating, you won’t experience any anxiety or nervousness after using it. With a sharpie pen, you can do anything, from your most essential endeavour to the masterpiece you want your buddies to see when they wake up.

Removal tip:
Not even a deluge of water can wash the stains off the surface. Due to the ink’s nature, rubbing alcohol is the only solvent that can effectively remove it. Effective use of rubbing alcohol is key to completing the mission.

Because of its chemical makeup, the sharpie marker is utterly ineffective on fabric. Because it is difficult to remove the stain from the fabric once it has been stained. It completely ruins the fabric as a result.

How are sharpies waterproof?

Since a sharpie marker is watertight, it can be used with confidence in any setting, including classrooms, offices, and water fountains. Your posters will be more water-resistant if you do this. The pen can also be used as a banner or poster marker. If so, then how does the sharpie marker accomplish all of these things? The fact that sharpie markers are waterproof raises legitimate concerns.

Let’s just go around and see everything.

The ink of Sharpie Markers is water-repellent

The adage that “Sharpies are hydrophobic” keeps coming back around. Although I have said this before, I feel compelled to mention it once more. This is that important.

This versatility means it can be used on any surface, be it paper, steel, wood, glass, etc. No amount of water will make the ink disappear.

Marks can sometimes even be resistant to soapy water. Correct use of rubbing alcohol is the only method proven effective for erasing sharpie markers.

Tip #1
You must first thoroughly clean the surface you intend to use the marker on, be it paper, wall, glass, or steel. Applying your marker won’t be as difficult if you do this. More time than normal will pass before the ink wears off the surface. In addition, the ink’s waterproof qualities will be maintained more firmly if it settles exactly on the surface.

No ink bleeding when using a sharpie marker.

Sharpie pens are great because they can be used on almost any surface with ease. Almost no commercially available pens have this quality. It’s not very effective, as most surfaces tend to bleed when applied to them, whether they’re hard or smooth.

Because of this ongoing bleeding, the communal nature of your pen is being compromised. The level of precision is out of your hands.

Sharpie markers are unlikely to give you trouble because their ink is specially formulated to not bleed through most common surfaces. The ink is stubborn and stays put even after repeated wet brush strokes over the marks.

Tip #2
Once you’ve finished using the marker, give the ink plenty of time to dry because the ink’s durability on the medium will depend on it. You should probably let your work dry for a bit. Use your finger to make sure. The job is complete and the medium can rest once the ink has dried completely.

Are sharpies waterproof on Canvas?

Regardless of the type of paint you put on the canvas, sharpies are completely watertight. These air dry and are very difficult to re-wet with regular acrylic colours. A sharpie’s line is waterproof, so it won’t smear if you draw tracing lines over acrylic paint. However, care must be taken when using paints that can cause sharpie to revert to a liquid state. The use of solvents, in particular, will cause the colours of a sharpie to bleed or become muddy.

The biggest challenge when working with dried water-soluble paint is rewetting it. This paint can start to lift and mix with the following watercolour layer if it is not coated with a matte sealer first. Over the matte sealer, correction lines drawn with a sharpie won’t smear. This is because the layer beneath it was cemented by your acrylic sealer and now it will not peel off.

Like sedimentary layers, they will be lost if they aren’t permanently affixed to the canvas. A fresh watercolour that has dried has no adhesive qualities. If you don’t count the dried pigment. Therefore, any marker used on top can easily be washed away if not sealed first. As an additional note, I will let you know that you need to seal the watercolour before you spray the acrylic sealer. The sealer’s solvents may cause the sharpie to bleed.

Using a solvent to dilute or smooth off oil paint is another issue that will impair sharpie. Putting an acid-free varnish in between coats will fix this problem. It will not water down or melt your sharpie, preventing it from leaving a clean line on the canvas.

Are sharpies waterproof?

It can withstand both damp and dry conditions, as well as the sun and ultraviolet rays, without deteriorating over time. A Sharpie will serve your every requirement, and it dries quickly, too. It’s perfect for labelling anything that needs to be marked permanently, including plastic, glass, wood, outdoor surfaces, clothes, furniture, sports equipment, and more.

How long should you expect sharpies to last underwater?

Up to three years of trouble-free use is possible with a sharpie marker. It’s flexible enough to be put to whatever use you see fit. Keep in mind that it is water resistant wherever you use it.

The time spent submerged is not indicative of Sharpie’s durability. Instead, you should measure the pressure exerted on it. Sharpies may stay for a long time underwater without fading or leaking ink as long as they are used on thick paper.

It is important to be careful when applying the water coloring brush over the Sharpie markings, especially after they have dried. This is because constant wet strokes over a Sharpie marker could cause it to bleed out very slightly.

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How to remove waterproof sharpie from fabric?

Clothing, pillows, and bedsheets marked with permanent markers can be cleaned with rubbing alcohol, hand sanitizer, hairspray, nail polish remover, or non-gel toothpaste. If you have garments that have been ruined with permanent markers, try using a hairspray that contains alcohol to remove the stain first.

Waterproof uses of sharpies


Watercolorists will occasionally employ water-resistant sharpies to outline specific areas of their drawings.


Labeling various items in damp environments like refrigerators, freezers, and aquariums is easy with permanent Sharpie markers.


The Sharpie Pen was designed to meet your regular writing requirements. It has a wide variety of possible applications, including note keeping, journaling, letter writing, and card crafting.

Alternative to waterproof sharpie marker

Amazon Basics Fine Point Tip Black Permanent Markers

These permanent black markers from AmazonBasics are reasonably priced considering the quality of the markers included. Paper, wood, plastic, stone, metal, glass, cellophane, and photographs all show up clearly and boldly when marked with this black ink. In addition to being quick-drying, waterproof, smearproof, and fade-resistant, the ink is also quick-drying.

Amazon Basics’ permanent markers are tested to guarantee they are free of any hidden dangers and comply with ASTM International (previously American Society for Testing and Materials) Standard D4236.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can sharpie markers withstand rain?

Sharpie markers are permanently visible even after rain. That is because Sharpie markers last forever and can withstand any amount of rain. Rainwater or tap water will not affect the durability of the inks.In large part because the marker is hydrophobic. Incorrect relative positioning to the sea. That’s why it stays put on the floor for so long.

Are sharpies waterproof on fabric?

In the case of fabrics, Sharpie is completely waterproof. Normal laundering processes will not erase the ink from the fabric. Soap and detergent washing won’t be able to remove it.
Rubbing alcohol will get rid of the Sharpie ink. As well as in the right quantity and form. To eliminate the ink from any surface, including fabric, use this method.

Are sharpies waterproof on wood?

When it comes to manufacturing markers for a wide range of media, Sharpie is among the best in the business. You can use the marker without any problems on any kind of surface, be it wood, steel, or paper.
You will need to use caution while working on the wood because it is a complex surface. The implication is that more pressure is needed to achieve a darker marker line. If not, then it will be invisible.

Are sharpies waterproof on the plastic?

It is possible to write on a wide variety of materials with the opaque ink of these oil-based Sharpie markers. This means that these markers work wonderfully on plastic.

Is there a way to make an ordinary Sharpie waterproof on plastic?

After using a Sharpie, your creations will need to dry for a few hours. Use the mod podge to permanently protect the Sharpie pens. You may easily seal the marks by using the spray version of the mod podge. To use, simply spray mod podge over the dried Sharpie markings on plastic.

Are Sharpie gel pens waterproof?

Sharpie S-smooth Gel’s gel ink is neither waterproof nor even water resistant, however, the ink from the Sharpie Roller is quite resistant to moisture after it dries.

Oil-based sharpies: Are they waterproof?

Sharpie Oil-Based Paint Markers are great for creating scrapbooks, posters, and window decorations due to their quick-drying oil-based ink that is also resistant to water, fading, and abrasion.

Are sharpies waterproof to a metal surface?

Markers and pens with a permanent finish are what Sharpie produces. It’s possible that paint-based pens and markers, rather than regular ink, will function on your metal surface. Applying a layer of latex paint over water-based paint will prevent it from running or peeling if it becomes wet.

Final words

The Sharpie marker is widely regarded as one of the best waterproof markers available on the market today. Because of the extensive range of characteristics, I am confident that you will not locate anything superior to this.

The characteristic of the marker will always be apparent, regardless of the surface, it is used on (clothing, glass, steel, or whiteboards, for example). To maintain its characteristics, it will only require a small amount of assistance from you. That sums it up nicely.

Have fun with the sharpies pen and make the most of what it can offer you.

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