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Best 10 waterproof outdoor wall lights

In addition to protecting your home and yard from intruders, waterproof outdoor wall lights enhance the curb appeal of your property by illuminating the landscape and welcoming visitors. When it comes to outdoor lighting, there are a few specific aspects to keep in mind, but the fundamental fixture types are the same as inside lighting.

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How to Select the Appropriate Waterproof Outdoor Wall Lighting (Buying Guide) 


There are a variety of options available depending on where you want to install wall lighting and how much space you have available. Porches, patios, entryways, and garages are some of the best places to put them.

Wall lights, which are the traditional front or back porch lights, can be put on practically any vertical surface. Wall lights, one of the most regularly encountered outdoor fixtures, are a long-lasting and aesthetically pleasing option to illuminate your home and the space around it.


Let’s make this the best it can be because it is generally the most noticeable fixture in your home. Here’s a straightforward formula:

  1. Is there only one fixture? The height of your light should be roughly one-third of the height of the door frame.
  2. Is it possible to have two fixtures bordering the front door? The height of your wall lights might be as low as one-quarter the length of the door. If you have two front doors, consider going a little bigger.
  3. You might find it useful to cut out a scrap of paper the size of the lamp you are considering buying, tape it to your wall, and then stand back a few feet to get a sense of how it will appear after it is in place.
  4. Modes

You can use motion sensors to switch on lights in high-traffic areas of your home, such as the front door or the walkways leading to it. In terms of range and angle, the design of a motion sensor is unique.

Lighting fixtures that turn on and off when the sun sets and rises are called Dusk to Dawn Lights. There is no need to worry about turning the lights on and off manually.

Other designs integrate motion sensors with dusk-to-dawn lights in a compact fixture. This technology isn’t limited to security illumination either.

Lights for Wet or Damp Environments

Wind and rain can damage any light fixture, but wet-rated fixtures are built to withstand these conditions. Wet location-rated outdoor lighting includes wall sconces, post lighting, and motion sensor lights.

A Damp Rated light is one that is intended for use in areas protected from rain and moisture, such as patios and pergolas. Damp-rated outdoor ceiling and hanging lights can be used in the rain.

AmeriTop waterproof outdoor wall lights

AmeriTop waterproof outdoor wall lights

The AmeriTop Solar Motion Sensor Light is one of the great waterproof outdoor wall lights. Its high standards offer good lighting and home security. These lights are 6500K featuring 128 extremely brilliant LED beads.

These have more polycrystalline silicon solar panels than other outdoor lights. It has 2 motion detection modes. The detection mode turns on at night only when activity is detected. Henceforth, in human proximity, it stays on.

  • Wide lightning area
  • 2 motion detection modes
  • Waterproof
  • Gives ultra-bright light
  • Attached is an adjustable solar panel
  • Light only comes on for motion detection at night

HMCITY outdoor solar lights

HMCITY outdoor solar lights

When motion is detected, the waterproof outdoor wall lights get brighter. It is possible to achieve a conversion rate of up to 20.5 percent by using monocrystalline silicon solar cells. With a 15 percent increase in power, it has a high impact ABS lamp body that has strong temperature resistance, anti-corrosion, and waterproof properties.

To light up a 30m2 yard, these solar lights have 120 upgraded high-power LEDs, as well as a 270° wide-angle illuminating aspect. With its IP65 technology, the hmcity light is completely waterproof.

  • Waterproof
  • High powered LED lights
  • Monocrystalline silicon solar bars
  • Anti-corrosion
  • Not suitable for cloudy areas.

BAXIA Technology solar outdoor lights

BAXIA Technology solar outdoor lights

Using the 28 strong LEDs and the 120-degree motion angle, the gloomy space may be transformed into a brightly lit area. A well-designed lampshade protects the LED and extends its lifespan. For the waterproof outdoor wall lights to work for you at night, it needs to be exposed to sunlight for at least 8 hours during the day.

Outdoor lights powered by solar panels are impervious to moisture and temperature extremes. Outdoor patio, garden, deck, yard, and driveway are just some of the places where this solar security light will be useful.

  • Solar security lights with on/off mode
  • Wide-angle lightning
  • Upgraded lights
  • Small size lights with excellent brightness
  • Only stay on for 30 seconds
  • Lights get on only when there is motion

LEREKAM Outdoor wall lights

LEREKAM Outdoor wall lights

The LEREKAM waterproof outdoor wall lights are able to automatically adjust to the brightness of their surroundings. Sunlight is converted into power and stored in the built-in battery during daylight hours; it automatically lights up when the sun goes down at nighttime.

Inexpensive, environmentally friendly, and environmentally friendly solar landscape lighting No need for an extension cord in the backyard.

  • Comes with 3 modes of lightning
  • IP65 waterproof
  • Available in 40 LED lights
  • Can be adjusted to 120 degrees
  • Does not come with batteries, so it needs complete sunlight charging.

InnoGear solar garden lights

InnoGear solar garden lights

Using the InnoGear solar spotlight, you can easily swivel the solar panel 180° up and down to capture the sun’s rays and obtain the ideal illumination angle; the light head is 90° rotatable so you can illuminate any area that would otherwise be inaccessible.

High Mode (MAX 6 hrs) to Low Mode (MAX 12hrs), you have the choice of extending your working duration. Using new technology and materials, the solar energy conversion rate has increased by 30%.

  • Decorative lights
  • Durable and quality guaranteed material
  • 2 ways of easy installation
  • Advanced 1.5W Silicon monocrystalline solar panel
  • No protective film on solar panel
  • Does not come with motion detectors

Dimunt outdoor wall lights

Dimunt outdoor wall lights

Stair lights with solar panels integrated into and 2.5W Monocrystalline silicon with a conversion rate of up to 20.5 percent are the first to feature tempered glass for the solar panel.

To swiftly detect any action up to 26 feet away with a 120° sensing angle and light for around 20 seconds each time, a super-sensitive installed PIR motion sensor will be activated. Improved lighting use can be achieved by using high-efficiency LED lights providing wide-angle illumination.

  • Waterproof and heatproof
  • Wide-angle solar motion inductor
  • Ultra-bright lights
  • Durable and ideal for long term use
  • Initial charging takes longer time than usual

ATUPEN outdoor lights

ATUPEN outdoor lights

These waterproof outdoor wall lights have 210 super bright LED beads, which generate up to 2500lm 6500K auto-brightness output and good thermal dissipation, allowing the ATUPEN safety floodlight to illuminate a larger area with better visibility.

The new wide-angle, three-head design Its light heads, lens hoods, and motion sensors may all be positioned in a variety of ways. A 270-degree field of view with a 26-foot range of detection. With a 2200 mAh recharging lithium-ion battery, these solar lights shine brighter and last longer.

  • Multiple-use
  • Easy installation
  • All-weather resistant
  • Long detection range
  • Not replaceable batteries

Kolpop outdoor wall lights with sensor

Kolpop outdoor wall lights with sensor

To illuminate your front entrance, garage, deck, garden, fence, etc. at night with Kolpop solar motion lights outside is a great idea. Daylight is converted into power by a solar panel and then stored in a rechargeable battery. Sunlight exposure, the site of the installation, meteorological conditions, and daylight hours all affect how long these waterproof outdoor wall lights will last. It is possible to enjoy your walk in the backyard with the 100-LED Kolpop solar light.

  • Waterproof solar wall lights
  • Ideal to gift
  • Good battery
  • Comes in 3 lightning modes
  • LEDs are not white, but yellowish in color

LiBlins Modern outdoor wall lights

LiBlins Modern outdoor wall lights

The improved solar landscape spotlights have 3 illumination modes: low, medium, and strong light. Light up a large area with our Ultra-Bright 33 LED solar landscape spotlights.

Two-in-one solar landscape spotlights can be staked into the grass as a solar landscape spotlight or screwed into the wall as a solar-powered wall light.

  • Available in 3 illumination modes
  • Two in one solar landscape spotlight
  • Highly efficient solar panel
  • Waterproof outdoor wall lights
  • Easy installation
  • Does not come with a motion sensor

Consciot LED outdoor wall lights

Consciot LED outdoor wall lights

The static and dynamic modes of these RGB solar lights let you choose from an array of 8 ultra-bright colors. Red, Green, Blue, Yellow, Purple, Cyan, and Rainbow are the 8 fixed colors. Low-Bright Color Cycling and High-Bright Color Cycling are two dynamic options.

Waterproof, heat- and frost-resistant, and strong enough to tolerate any conditions, the IP67 waterproof outdoor wall lights are an excellent choice. It is possible to extend the life of your outdoor features by using rechargeable lithium batteries with a high capacity of 2200mA.

  • 8 multi-color solar spotlights
  • Auto on/off
  • Advanced 2 in 1 installation
  • Adjustable and large solar panel
  • Extra stakes not available

Frequently Asked Questions

Question: In order to use waterproof outdoor wall lights, what IP grade do I require?

Answer: Typical garden lights including path lights, uplights, and tree lights should have an IP44 or above rating unless you’re looking for them in your garden.

Question: Is IP65 protection sufficient for rain?

Answer: Since the rain falls at quite a low pressure, ratings in the IP54 to IP65 category are sufficient to keep the screen secure and dry when it rains. This level of protection is also sufficient to prevent airborne particles from harming the screen and other components within the enclosure.

Question: What is the waterproofing rating in IP?

Answer: The IP65, IP66, and IP67 classifications are usually considered as being “waterproof” for the majority of general-purpose applications. Uncommonly held beliefs about weatherproofing include the notion that objects designed for continuous outside usage require the greatest numerical IP ratings for wetness protection.

Question: What height should waterproof outdoor wall lights be set?

Answer: Generally speaking, wall lights must be positioned 152-170cm (about 5-5.5ft) above the floor level, with several wall lights being set 250-300cm (or 8-10ft) apart like a general rule of thumb.

Conclusion about waterproof outdoor wall lights

Even if you don’t have a deck or a patio room, you can still enjoy the peace of mind that comes with having a clear view of your land. From the location of the waterproof outdoor wall lights to the type of fixtures you choose, the decision is all up to you.

If you choose the correct fixtures with energy-saving capabilities, installing a new system can pay for itself in both enjoyment and security in the long run. Consider solar or energy-efficient lighting options, and don’t be afraid to experiment with different configurations to come up with the ideal lighting scheme.

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