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Is packing tape waterproof ? Best  10 Packing Tapes

A packing tape is often known as parcel tape or box closing tape but Is packing tape waterproof? The answer is NO, it is not waterproof. Polypropylene or polyester film is coated with a pressure-sensitive adhesive to make pressure-sensitive packing tapes. When exposed to water, the adhesive in the polypropylene or polyester material loosens, so it is not waterproof.

In addition, packing tape is commonly applied on cardboard, which can absorb water and degrade the adhesive. A box that has been fully covered with packing tape may remain dry even if it is dumped into a puddle.

Shipping tape Vs. Packing Tape: Which One Is Better?

Now that you know is packing tape waterproof! Shipping tape and packing tape may appear alike, but they are not the same.

Unlike packing tape, shipping tape is lighter and thinner because it is only meant to be used to secure lightweight packages. Shipping tape may hold up to repeated handling, but this isn’t guaranteed.

Designed to withstand up to ten years in extreme heat, cold, and humidity, packing tape also goes by the name of storage tape. The best tape for packing boxes is packing tape.

Both shipping tape and packing tape can be referred to as packaging tape, making things even more confused. Remember that not all packaging tape is created equal, and search for a kind labelled for moving or storage boxes if you’re unsure.

Are you using the correct type of packaging tape for your company?

Weighing and securing a package is just one of several aspects to consider when choosing packing tape apart from considering Is packing tape waterproof?

For example, a lightweight corrugated box may require a BOPP tape, a heavy package may require paper tape, and a valuable item may require tamper-evident sealing. Amazon employs paper tapes for packaging, although USPS advises BOPP tape, reinforced packing tape, or paper tape as the preferred method of shipping.

It all comes down to what you want and need. You can save yourself a lot of stress if you choose the right tape for the job. Make sure to always use high-quality tape!

Investigating the Many Forms of Packaging Tapes Available

Now that you know, Is packing tape waterproof? Packing tapes are available in a wide variety of styles and dimensions. Even plastic and paper tapes, however, can be classified according to their intended use. They can be used for everything from brand recognition to security packing.

Tapes can also be classified based on the materials and adhesives they are made of. Apart from knowing is packing tape waterproof! The following is a list of the most widely used tapes in business.

BOPP Packing Tape or Box Tape

Box tapes or bi-axially polypropylene tapes, the most popular type of medium-strength tape, are used to seal corrugated boxes in a variety of ways. These tapes are available in a variety of colours, including clear, brown, and patterned. Common, affordable, and able to be customised are only a few of this tape’s characteristics (print, colour, thickness, width).

It is constructed using PSA adhesive and a polymer. A wide range of applications: from poly mailers to carton sealing. They can be used anyplace because they do not need to be activated by the application of water.

Heavy-Duty tape

It is a strong, long-lasting, scratch-resistant, and insulating tape. PVC, Reinforced paper, and heat/water activation make up its structure. Moreover, its electrical insulation can be used to protect heavy packages.

Boxes weighing between 20 and 30 kg require heavy-duty tapes. You can use paper reinforced with fibreglass or PVC tapes for this purpose. In electronic packaging, these tapes are frequently employed to provide electrical and chemical insulation.

heavy duty waterproofuniverse heavy duty waterproof tape
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Lightweight Packing Tape

Using paper and polyester, this tape’s structure was built. It is low-cost, long-lasting and has lightweight package applications.

Low-weight packages, those weighing less than 15 kilograms are well-suited to the use of polyester plastic tapes or paper tapes. A pressure-sensitive adhesive makes it easy to apply and remove a lightweight packing tape.

Gum Packing Tape

This tape is tamper-proof, weather-resistance, bespoke printing, and delicate. Paper and water-activated adhesive are its primary building materials. Envelope sealing, food, health care, pharmaceuticals, manufacturing, electronics, jewellery, and security industries are all examples of applications.

Glued packing tapes, often known as Kraft tapes, are paper tapes coated with glue. Both light and heavy cartons can be made with them (with reinforcement). Different grades of gummed packing tapes are available depending on the weight of the package. Compared to plastic tapes, they are also a bit more expensive and wider.

Gummed tapes, on the other hand, are appropriate when security is a top priority. They are difficult to remove and leave behind a trail of evidence that suggests tampering. In addition, they offer a more environmentally friendly method of packaging. Gumming tape has another advantage. It is easy to apply, which makes it ideal for delicate boxes.

Scotch tape

The characteristics of Scotch Tape are its transparency, writability, and ease of usage. Plastic and PSA are its primary building materials. Moreover, art, craft, gift-wrapping, household, and office use are all its typical uses.

The use of Scotch tape is extremely widespread. They adhere well to packages and are particularly useful for adhering to paper. They are water-resistant, inexpensive, and easy to carry everywhere.

Double-Sided Tape

It has a dual-sided adhesive with customizability (thickness, width, length). It is made of foam, paper, and glue. There are several uses for this adhesive like bonding, mounting, and even in fashion.

The adhesive on both sides of a double-sided tape is pressure-sensitive. If you are looking for an adhesive that can attach to a variety of surfaces, this one is for you. They are a better alternative to glue when it comes to construction.

double side tape waterproof universe double side tape waterproof universe
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Masking Tape

Flexible, heat-resistant, and easy to remove are just a few of the features of this tape. Moreover, paper is used in the construction of this piece. This tape is ideal for painting projects.

When painting, masking tape is used to protect the surface. The paint cannot be applied to the area of the surface that is covered in tape. Direct sunlight is not a problem for this type of masking tape, and it can even endure high temperatures.

masking tape waterproof masking tape waterproof
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Duct Tape

Flexibility, stickiness, and heat resistance are just a few of the properties that make this material so useful. Polyethene and PSA are used in its formation.

When it comes to shipping corrugated boxes, duct tape is a lifesaver. For example, they are commonly employed in the HVAC business.

Tamper-proof tape

Tough-bond or purposefully weak to detect tampering are some of its properties. In the pharmaceutical and food industries as well as for high-security shipments, this packaging is often used.

It is common practice to seal packages using tamper-proof tape or security packing tape. For example, they can be used to ensure product authenticity, protect against adulteration and report a breach. Even when ripped or peeled, these tapes leave behind the written text.

tamperproof waterproof tape tamperproof waterproof tape
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Strapping Tape

This tape has high tensile strength, easy removal, and abrasion resistance. It is made of polypropylene, polyester, and polystyrene acetate. Bundling products and pallet/load unitizing in the electrical, appliance, automotive, and manufacturing industries are only some examples of its application.

Several hundred pounds of pressure can be withstood using filament tape or strapping tape. Bundling products or reinforcing packages with them is the common usage for them.

Strapping Tape waterproofuniverse Strapping Tape waterproofuniverse
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Top 3 packing tapes

Gorilla Crystal Clear Duct Tape

Is packing tape waterproof
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When you have a shattered phone screen or a crack in your headlights, this all-weather, ultra-tough repair tape is a godsend. It’s more durable than the competitors on a variety of surfaces, including smooth, bumpy, and wet ones. It’s easy to use because of the notched edge.

It can be used indoors or out because of its temperature and UV resistance. Even in direct sunshine, the airtight seal keeps the headlights crystal clear. Because of the thick layer of adhesive, it can withstand a wide range of temperatures and surfaces.

  • Notched-edge design is more susceptible to tearing
  • On any surface, from rough to smooth to wet, there’s an adhesive that will stick.
  • Direct sunlight has little effect on its colour.
  • A thin, smeary line of adhesive may be left behind.

T-Rex 241309 Ferociously Strong Tape

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The T-Rex 241309 tape is weatherproof, flexible, and may be used on brick, shingles, concrete, painted and unpainted wood, and siding both indoors and outdoors. With its lightweight, this waterproofing tape provides a tight seal, guaranteeing the connection will not be harmed by the passage of dirt, water, or other elements.

Use this heavy-duty knit cloth mending tape to keep components in place for an extended amount of time. In addition to being sturdy, the tape has a smooth surface, which makes it easier to use.

  • It is light and it seals well.
  • Improved functionality thanks to a smooth surface covering
  • Abrasions, cuts and scrapes aren’t an issue with this material.
  • Versatile
  • Vinyl surfaces don’t stick well to it.

Scotch Heavy Duty Packaging Tape

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Super strong holding power ensures that your moving and shipping and office needs are handled, even on the more difficult-to-stick-to 100 percent recycled boxes. You may rest easy knowing that your moving boxes have tape capable of holding up to all kinds of heavy-duty packaging.

It is a heavy-duty packing tape with a transparent backing and fast adherence. It is tough enough to withstand slicing, splitting, and tearing, so packaging is a breeze. This packaging tape has a release layer that makes unwinding a breeze.

  • It has super-strong holding power.
  • Easy unwinding.
  • Resists splitting and tearing.
  • Comes with instant adhesion.
  • No refill available

Frequently Asked Questions

Question: When it comes to packing tape and Scotch tape, what is the difference between the two?

Answer: For example, Scotch® Heavy Duty Shipping Packaging Tape is extremely strong and will keep packages intact while they are being transported, while Scotch® Long Lasting Moving and Storage Packaging Tape has a unique adhesive that is UV resistant and is ideal for long-term storage in either hot or cold temperatures, among other things.

Question: When it comes to masking tape and packaging tape, what’s the difference?

Answer: They are frequently used by persons who require versatile and sturdy tape that can be easily torn with one’s hand. However, surfaces that need not be painted are protected using masking tape, which is used for painting and safeguarding surfaces. In most cases, it has a paper backing and an adhesive that is easy to remove.

Question: When it comes to Scotch tape and Scotch Magic Tape, what is the distinction?

Answer: The difference between Scotch® MagicTM Tape and Transparent Tape is that the former is transparent. On the roll, Transparent Tape has a glossy sheen, but Scotch® MagicTM Tape is icy but invisible when applied to paper, making it ideal for writing with a pen or pencil.

Question: If you use tape on paper, does it become water-resistant?

Answer: Every application does not require micropore paper tape. While it can withstand some moisture, it is not water-resistant in any way imaginable.

Conclusion about Is packing tape waterproof

Always use packing tape that has been designated for moving or storage to ensure that your boxes remain properly sealed throughout your entire transfer. Heavy-duty packing tape should be used for extra-heavy boxes or for storing boxes away for extended periods. You will want a tape that is at least 1.9 mils thick, if not greater. It is more likely that tape with a strong adhesive will stand the test of time. I hope that now you know Is packing tape waterproof?

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