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Best 10 Waterproof Electric Sonic Toothbrushes

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You can surely clean your teeth thoroughly without using an waterproof electric sonic toothbrush. However, electric sonic toothbrushes have been proven to be more successful at eliminating sticky plaque and avoiding gum disease, so they’re worth investigating.

According to the American Dental Association (the first UAV-level intelligent recognition system).The Intelligent Revolution of the electric sonic toothbrush, each tooth should be cleaned differently depending on its surface.

Waterproof products are always recommended in base of electric products like waterproof shaver , waterproof electric shaver , waterproof electric flosser

The intellectual and innovative modes may automatically modify vibration according to your teeth’ surface. Cleaning the occlusal surface vertically, as well as the cheek and tongue regions longitudinally, will clean and whiten your teeth.

In this article, we have put the best electric toothbrushes on the market to the test and graded them so you can be sure you’re getting the best brush for your teeth and gums. Furthermore, to make your purchase worthy, we have included some buying guides for waterproof electric sonic toothbrushes along with the answer to FAQs.

Product Review- Waterproof Electric Sonic Toothbrushes

Here are some best waterproof electric sonic toothbrushes:

Dual HandleDuo Tooth Brushes-Aqua Sonic

Aqua Sonic electric toothbrushes come with two modern smart toothbrushes with the latest oral care technologies, including ultrasonic 40,000 vibrations per minute motors, modes for whitening teeth and gum health, and 30-day battery life.

With its built-in upgraded capabilities, each Aqua Sonic toothbrush brings your oral health regimen into the current day. Aqua Sonic Duo electric toothbrush is a convenient modern home and travel setup ideal for everyone. A simple twin wireless charging dock takes up only a few inches of counter space and adds a sleek current feature to your bathroom.


  • Perfect dental care
  • Easy setup
  • Latest technology
  • Wireless charging
  • Provides you with a healthier smile
  • Smart vibration timer
  • Waterproof body
  • Best during travelling
  • Improves gum health


  • No low battery indications

Travel CasesElectric Tooth Brushes-Aqua Sonic Vibe

The Aqua Sonic Vibe Series is the best electric sonic toothbrush. It has an ultra-powerful and industry-leading motor that produces 40,000 vibrations per minute, a lithium-ion battery with ultra-fast wireless charging. The increased features integrated into the slim waterproof and beautifully gorgeous satin rose gold handle is ultra-quick wireless charging.

The Aqua Sonic Vibe Series has received the famous ADA stamp of approval for investing in quality oral care technology. It has been demonstrated to eliminate plaque and prevent and reduce gingivitis effectively. Aqua Sonic electric toothbrush is a complete oral care system with various settings, including whitening and polishing teeth and enhancing gum health.

  • It contains four different modes
  • Attractive appearance
  • Light white
  • Easy to use
  • Sleek and lightweight
  • High efficient lithium-ion battery
  • ADA proven
  • Powerful long-life battery
  • tty stiff but provide deep cleansing

Travel Case-OGUARD Sonic Toothbrush

OGUARD waterproof electric sonic toothbrush has a powerful magnetic levitation motor that vibrates 40,000 times per minute, efficiently removing deep-seated debris. OGUARD electric toothbrush has three times the cleaning power of a regular electric toothbrush, which has ten times the cleaning power of a manual toothbrush.

OGUARD toothbrush with 1800mAh lithium battery and the four lights will alternately flash, indicating that the switch has been unlocked.The toothbrush hairs contain silver and zinc ions, that are soft and healthy.

The PU travel case is of exceptional quality and designed to protect the toothbrush from scratching.Because of its unique construction, the OGUARD toothbrush will not change colour over time. IPX7 waterproof rating allows it to be submerged in water for 30 minutes. You can shake it to shut down due to artificial intelligence.

  • The UAV-level intelligent recognition system
  • A powerfulsonic motorwhich magnetic
  • Vibrates 4k times per minute
  • Remove deep-seated debris
  • Long-life battery
  • Artificial smart long-press security
  • Soft and gentle bristles
  • Color does not fade over time
  • Perfect cleaning
  • The battery took time to charge

SHAOJIERUSB Charging-Electric Toothbrush

SHAOJIER electric sonic toothbrush is a compact and light electric toothbrush. Also, this electric sonic toothbrush will provide you with great features and cleaning power. SHAOJIER electric sonic toothbrush includes optional modes gentle, intense, Sensitive, personalized your experience according to your tooth’s condition. Enjoy brushing your teeth in the shower with IPX7 waterproofing that is whole-body washable.

SHAOJIER electric toothbrush features a 40000 micro-brush/min sonic dynamic cleaning system that drives fluid deep between your teeth and along the gum line for exceptional cleaning and plaque removal.Inductive charging through USB interface with low battery reminders and automated power down after full charge.

  • Sleek and beautiful design
  • Small in size
  • Gentle on gums
  • Clear white teeth
  • Deep dirt removal
  • Smart assistance
  • Fast charging time
  • Good for old person teeth
  • Lightweight and compact
  • Make your teeth healthy and strong
  • No artificial 2-minute brushing intelligence

Safcare-Electric Sonic Toothbrush

Safe care waterproof electric sonic toothbrush has four settings to fit various persons and varied situations of teeth and gums. Custom modes allow you to alter the vibration frequency, choosing a vibration frequency that feels comfortable to you.The Safcare Sonic Electric high-speed micro-brush motion removes up to 99 percent more debris.

The diamond-shaped pattern is both attractive and non-slip. The 2-Minute Smart Timer has an interval pause option, and the power and vibration levels progressively rise. A 2000mAh battery powers safe care sonic electric toothbrushes. Portable USB charging contributes to the extended battery timing.

  • Gum friendly
  • You can choose the required frequency range
  • 45k vibrations make cleaning easier
  • Enhance your Oral health
  • Attractive non-slip design
  • Contain additional head
  • Soft and gentle on gums
  • Long-life
  • Cleaning is not perfect at fast mode

WirelessBahfir Sonic Electric Toothbrush Fast Charging

The Bahfir Sonic Electric Toothbrush comes with eight DuPont-engineered brush heads.Bahfir electric-powered toothbrushes use modern sonic technology to do more than simply clean teeth. They use potent motors to accomplish 4k strokes per minute.

Brushing your teeth for 2 minutes is the most efficient way to safeguard your teeth. This toothbrush features a built-in two – minute smart timer and a 30-second gap reminding you to switch the area.We prepared a travel case for you to take it anywhere. Provide you with a more convenient experience.

  • Powerful Vibrational modes
  • Provides deep cleansing
  • Portable USB wireless charging
  • Long-life or durable battery
  • It feels soft on gums
  • 2-minute smart timer
  • Easy to use
  • Improve dental health
  • IPX7 waterproofing
  • Requires lithium-ion battery

Waterproof SARMOCARE-Sonic Electric Toothbrush

The SARMOCARE whitening waterproof sonic electric toothbrush has five brushing modes and three strength levels. This adaptable combination allows you to choose 15 alternative possibilities to avoid dental and gum problems. The travel electric sonic toothbrush with a strong lithium battery may be used continuously for 30 days after completely charging. SARMOCARE electric sonic toothbrush is a great portable electric sonic toothbrush for business or family travel.

The intelligent timer can help you brush for the required time and halt every 30 seconds to remind you to alternate brushing areas. It’s easy to wash under the tap or in the shower because it’s IPX7 waterproof. The W-shaped brush head cleans the gum line and hard-to-reach regions thoroughly. The medium-sized smooth toothbrush handle is easy to grasp.

  • Powerful sonic technology
  • Provides best dental health
  • Long battery life
  • Efficient lithium-ion battery
  • Includes smart timer
  • Elegant design
  • Easy to hold
  • Pleasant cleansing
  • Fast charging
  • It lacks low battery indication

Rechargeable-Yunchi Electric Toothbrush

The output efficiency of the YUNCHI electric sonic brush helps you remove plaque, cigarette spots, tea, and sticky gunk effectively.YUNCHI Electric Tooth Brush is your home oral assistant. YUNCHI electric sonic toothbrush with Smart vibrating notification and 2-minute smart timer reminding you to go to the next quadrant of your mouth makes it easy to create a healthy brushing habit that dentists highly suggest.

Large battery capacity, automatic shut-down, low power reminder, and a travel bag (included with 10Brush heads set) make YUNCHI battery toothbrushes convenient to use at home and on the go. There is no need to worry about a limited battery life with this IPX7 waterproof toothbrush; you may use it in the bath or shower.

  • Soft Nylon brushes
  • Make teeth healthier and white in one week
  • Contains head replacements
  • It has low power reminder
  • Great battery timing
  • It makes your morning fresh
  • Low noise
  • Low vibration makes you feel comfortable
  • Best for sensitive and bleeding gums
  • Cleansing levels smart assistant
  • It took more than two minutes for deep cleaning and whitening

Product Review-Non Waterproof Electric Toothbrushes

You can also visit some non-waterproof electric toothbrushes


Philips Sonicare Toothbrush

Buying Guides-Electric Sonic Toothbrushes


Electric Sonic toothbrushes must be waterproof because you will use them every day. Non-waterproof product has a short life; they may spoil if dipped for a second in water. So do check the IPX certification before buying any electrical product to worth your money.


Rechargeable toothbrushes include a built-in battery pack that can be charged using its own AC adaptor; battery-powered toothbrushes appear like ordinary toothbrushes but have a battery compartment in the handle.

Charging indication

Charging indicates when you should recharge your toothbrush – handy if you frequently unplug your charger or take your brush on vacation.

Speed buttons

Different speeds are easily accessible from the brush’s front, making it easy to select your preferred pace.

Smart timer

A timer that tells you when it’s time to switch the brush to a new section of your mouth or after you’ve completed the two-minute clean.

Artificial Pressure Sensor

Artificial pressure sensors can help prevent gum disease by recognizing when brushing too hard and limiting the toothbrush’s movement.

Bristle Changing Indications

When it’s time to change the toothbrush head, the bristles turn white and lose colour.

Price and Worth

Battery-powered toothbrushes are affordable, but it’s essential to consider the expense and environmental effect of discarding alkaline batteries.


The thickness and curvature of handle, size and flexibility of the brush head in the mouth were used to determine how pleasant each electric toothbrush is to use.

FAQs- Electric Sonic Toothbrushes

Are manual toothbrushes better than using electric toothbrushes?

A manual brush has a few advantages over an electric brush: it doesn’t need to be charged. It won’t start to malfunction no matter how much toothpaste and water it gets covered in – which has been a criticism levelled at electric brushes in the past.

Does the use of an electronic tooth brush prevent dental problems?

People who use electric sonic toothbrushes are less likely to suffer from gum disease.Inappropriately, gum disease is a severecondition. You don’t have to have an electric toothbrush to receive it. However, the danger will be much minimized.An electric toothbrush is the most crucial step to remove the plaque.

Do electric sonic toothbrushes are harmful?

Brushing your teeth will efficiently clean without inflicting any harm. Look for toothbrushes with a gentle/sensitive setting or a more delicate brush head if you’re concerned about tooth sensitivity.

Conclusion- Electric Sonic Toothbrushes

Regardless of which toothbrush you use, your brushing method is critical for removing plaque from all tooth surfaces.The American Dental Association suggests using an electric toothbrush to keep your mouth as clean as possible.

Many of the electric toothbrushes in our review have real-time coaching to assist you in brushing more effectively, providing the proper amount of pressure, and not skipping any spots. We recommend the Aqua Sonic Duo series and Aqua Sonic Vibe series electric sonic toothbrushes.

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