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Top 5 Waterproof Solar Panels

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The waterproof solar panel(power banks) are a must-pack item for outdoor lovers because they provide a means to keep mobile phones, cameras, and other electronic devices charged when electricity is not available.

These handy, compact and waterproof solar panels have developed into various shapes and sizes. However, the two most popular are about the size of a mobile phone and feature either a single solar panel or multiple expanding, folding panels.

Solar chargers with a single board are compact, but they charge slowly utilizing the sun’s energy. Multiple panels can help to speed up the process, although they are generally heavy in size.

In this article, we have included some waterproof solar panels. In addition, we have listed below some waterproof solar panels available online on Amazon, along with buying guides and possible FAQs so that you can easily choose a waterproof power bank.

Product Listing-Waterproof Solar Panels

Here is the list of best waterproof solar panels:
Monocrystalline -Renogy Eclipse Solar Suitcase
Portable -Itehil Waterproof Solar Panel
Foldable and Waterproof –Big Blue Solar Charger
Adjustable Best Mount Bracket-Suner Power
Waterproof-Powiser Car Battery Best Charger Solar Panel

Product Review- Waterproof Solar Panels

Check out the review for waterproof solar panels:

Monocrystalline -Renogy Eclipse Solar Suitcase

Monocrystalline -Renogy Eclipse Solar Suitcase

Special Features

Product of Renogy brand


PWM solar controller

Alligator clips – easyconnections

With their portable and waterproof solar panel systems, Renogy provides an excellent value for money. As a result, Renogy is a prominent participant in the market for portable solar power. The American company offers a wide selection of portable solar panels, including ultra-portable suitcase solar panels.

A solar suitcase may be conveniently stored in the trunk of your car or wherever else. When you need it, stretch it out to create a more robust and more extensive solar panel. Renogy is a market leader, offering a wide range of great suitcase solar panels.

  • Good quality
  • Good performance
  • Good price
  • Waterproof
  • Excellent performance
  • Two 50 watt Eclipse Solar Panels
  • Adjustable and corrosion-resistant aluminum stand
  • Protective casing
  • Compatible with Lithium, Gel, Sealed, and Flooded batteries
  • The low-voltage system avoids electric shock hazards
  • Complex connections for newbie’s

Portable -ItehilWaterproof Solar Panel

Portable -ItehilWaterproof Solar Panel

Special Features

ETFT coating 

Use higher quality monocrystalline

With three outputs

The solar panel may be tilted 45-90 degrees with the help of a kickstand.

Itehil monocrystalline waterproof solar panels produce more energy under the same conditions than solar panels composed of other components. The reason is that the monocrystalline has a high conversion efficiency of up to 23% and a 100W output that can fulfill most outdoor charging demands.

The surface layer composite ETFE film makes the solar panel more resistant to oxidation, stain resistance, simple cleaning, and durable and long-lasting.  It folds up like a briefcase and can hold all of your accessories; you can lift it anyplace.

  • Good quality
  • Give the best support to mobiles
  • Portable design
  • Budget-friendly
  • Easy connections
  • No display for solar controller

Foldable and Waterproof -BigBlue Solar Charger

Foldable and Waterproof -BigBlue Solar Charger

Special Features

Compatible devices for tablets and mobiles      

The connector type is USB and Micro USB       

Having two USB ports

63 watts power supply

Inadequate sunshine, a highly efficient Sun Power waterproof solar panel can convert up to 24 percent solar power into free energy. In addition, the sleek black design with no grid lines and the anti-reflective coating generate more energy and praise.

The Sun Power waterproof solar panel is lighter and more durable than traditional panels. However, please keep in mind that 42W refers to the solar panel’s power, which is not the same as the actual output power of the connections.

  • Best for outdoor use
  • Three outputs to support three gadgets at atime
  • High efficiency
  • IPX4 waterproofing
  • Give the best support to charge mobile
  • Foldable
  • Comparably heavy

Adjustable Mount Bracket-Suner Power

Adjustable Mount Bracket-Suner Power

Special Features

Manufacturer by Suner Power


Dual USB and DC power

Output capacity is 10W

The integrated intelligent MPPT charge controller provides at least 10%-20% more power than a conventional controller. In addition, the intelligent 3-stage charging algorithm has been enhanced to charge and sustain the 12V battery in all seasons.

To maximize the amount of sunlight collected, an alloy ball is used to adjust the angle of the solar panel. Easy-to-assemble mounting bracket that may be installed on the bottom or a vertical wall.

  • It comes with a blocking diode to prevent overcharging
  • It has a sturdy aluminum frame
  • Efficient three-stage charging
  • Weatherproof construction for outdoor use
  • Affordable price
  • Suitable for for smaller vehicles

Waterproof -Powiser Best Car Battery Charger Solar Panel

Waterproof -Powiser Best Car Battery Charger Solar Panel

Special Features

Maximum Power: 20 W

The optimum Operating Voltage is 18 V

Open-Circuit Voltage is 21.6 V

Operating Current is 1.11 A

Display charging through different colors indication lights

This waterproof solar panel for a vehicle is capable of capturing and maintaining a 12-volt automobile battery charge. It has some indicator lights that show when it is charging. For example, if it emits blue light, that implies it is getting sunlight.

If it flashes red, it is charging the automobile battery. If it turns green, it means the charging procedure has been finished. It is important to remember that a short circuit occurs when all three indicators are turned off.

The uniform convex points of surface distribution promote secondary light propagation, absorb more radiant heat from solar energy, and substantially increase photoelectric conversion efficiency.

  • It’s made in a sturdy design which makes it a long-lasting gadget
  • It is waterproof and dustproof
  • Light indicators that show the status, whether it’s fully charged or still charging
  • It quickly converts light energy to direct current
  • It is eco-friendly
  • Environment friendly
  • Slower charging on cloudy days-obvious for solar power

Buying Guides- Waterproof Solar Panels


The waterproof solar panel is durable and compatible with virtually all smart gadgets, making it a lifeline for outdoor adventure and camping. The majority of versions include a big battery that can power a smart phone or MP3 player for many days. It is also resistant to water and UV rays and has built-in solar panels for charging.

Panel Size

Most portable solar chargers feature tiny panels of two watts or less, so the board acts as a sluggish, emergency-charging method. At the same time, the battery does the majority of the job.

 If you know you’ll be away from an electric outlet for an extended period and need to rely more heavily on the device’s solar element; you should choose a larger solar panel. If this is the case, a folding panel charger may be preferable, which is still relatively compact.


Weight is heavily influenced by the sort of trip you want to undertake and the location of the solar panel. If you’re trekking, seek the most miniature solar panels you can locate to avoid being burdened down. If you’re attaching it to your RV, be sure the weight won’t do any harm to the RV.

Battery Size

If you’re going out for the day and need to keep your phone charged, a battery with less than 10,000 mAh should suffice. If you want to stay off the grid for several days and have numerous gadgets to charge, choose a battery with a capacity of 25,000 mAh or more.


The efficiency numbers represent the quantity of solar energy converted to DC power. A better efficiency implies that the panel may be lighter and take up less space while still producing a reliable output. So make sure you purchase a solar panel with the most power while taking up the least amount of space.

Weightage of cell

A larger wattage indicates that the panel can power several gadgets at the same time. A higher wattage usually shows a higher efficiency rating but also a higher price. Keep in mind that you may always start with a lower-wattage panel, evaluate how it works for you, and then upgrade to a higher-wattage panel if necessary.


You’ll want to be sure that the panel will function when you’re on the road. A portable solar panel should be considered an investment; therefore, it may be of poor quality if the price appears too good to be true. To minimize rain or snow damage, ensure the solar panel is built of high-quality water-resistant materials.


Because you will have to transport the panel from your home to your RV or automobile, you should ensure that you are physically capable of doing so and understand how to install it. For example, some kits come in briefcases, while others come in travel cases. Just make sure you can transport and store it safely.

FAQs– Waterproof Solar Panels

Does the solar panel charger store charge?

No, solar chargers are not the same as solar power banks in this regard. Because a solar charger lacks a battery, it cannot store a charge.

Should I use a solar power bank instead of a solar charger?

A solar power bank has a battery; it can store a charge. Solar chargers often contain more solar panels and charge at a much quicker rate than solar power banks. Those can frequently take days to set if just solar power is used.

Do solar cells works in cloudy weather?

Even if the weather isn’t optimal, most solar chargers will continue to charge. After that, however, charging will be far less efficient. On a gloomy day, however, charging may take 8 to 10 hours or longer. In addition, the charger will not operate if there is no sunshine.

Can we use a waterproof solar panel for jackery to charge it?

All Jackery portable power stations may be charged through an AC outlet and optional solar panels; specific variants can also be charged via a DC connection.

As a result, the Jackery portable power station can store solar energy, sometimes referred to as a solar generator.

Conclusion- Waterproof Solar Panels

Waterproof solar panels are an excellent method to power your RV battery bank. It takes advantage of the free solar energy provided by the sun.

While a portable solar system is not for everyone, it can enjoy boon docking or dry camping. If you camp off-grid for an extended amount of time, your batteries will be exhausted from routine use, and solar power is an excellent alternative.

Your neighbors will appreciate it if you use sunshine to charge your batteries rather than a portable generator. Hopefully, now you have a better knowledge of waterproof solar panels. So use free energy and make your journey memorable, capturing every moment.

Happy purchase!

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