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Why does waterproof mascara hold curls better?

For unruly lashes that won’t curl after you apply mascara, consider coating them with a small layer of waterproof mascara beforehand to cajole them and you will know why does waterproof mascara hold curls better? After that, use your usual mascara to finish it off.

Starting with the best mascara to hold curl for straight lashes will allow your lashes to maintain their curl for a longer period and prevent them from soon becoming unnoticeable in the crowd.
When I became pregnant, something weird occurred to my lashes, and I just recently discovered what it was. A few weeks ago, my mascara stopped working (literally, it seemed to happen overnight), and by “stopped working,” I mean that none of them, absolutely none would retain a curl.
When I’d curled my lashes and applied a layer of non waterproof mascara that holds curl, it would take less than a minute for every single strand to become as straight as a board once more.

So I asked for advice on Facebook, and a great mascara angel gave me this one, which I thought was hilarious. Using best drugstore waterproof mascara for straight lashes has made a significant difference in my curling issues. It doesn’t appear to matter whether the mascara is high-end on budget. It’s just that it works.
That is why I thought of sharing my research with you as well. I’ll show you three quick and easy cosmetic tips to keep your eyelashes curled in water, without mascara, and even after you’ve applied it.


Tips on how to keep your eyelashes curled

In order to retain your eyelashes curled in water when swimming or taking a photoshoot, you’ll need a special eyelash curler.

Here’s how to keep your eyelashes curled even while submerged in water:

  1. To begin, use a lash curler to curl your lashes. Then, use a blow dryer to assist shape your curler and to keep your lashes curled all day.

Use a clear waterproof mascara gel for the first layer. The gel helps keep your curl in place while also strengthening your lashes. Additionally, it serves as a waterproof barrier for your eyelashes when used as a foundation.

  • Use waterproof mascara and put it on in two thin layers. Before applying a second layer, let the first coat dry for a few minutes. These two layers work together to keep your curls in place and firm. In addition, applying a second application helps to guarantee that all of your eyelash hair is protected (including the roots). Clear waterproof mascara gel is applied over the waterproof mascara in 1 coat. This last step helps to keep your lashes curled and your mascara in place.
    The goal is to make your lashes as strong as possible before sealing them in with a waterproof sealant.

Remember that water is curly hair’s biggest enemy and that even waterproof makeup will fade with time. If you need to reapply your makeup, have waterproof mascara, gel, and curler on hand.

Use this method to keep your lashes curled all day without mascara.

Whether you’re sporting a natural makeup look or going bare-faced, you don’t need mascara to seem awake.

You don’t need to use mascara to keep your eyelashes curled all day. To achieve the finest results, start with clean eyelashes. Use micellar water-soaked cotton pads to carefully remove any mascara remnants from the day before. The easiest approach I’ve discovered to remove mascara is to softly rub a cotton pad over your eye for a few seconds before swiping downward several times.

Curl your lashes after that. The first way is to use a hairdryer to warm up your eyelash curler before applying it to your lashes. Use extreme caution while using this procedure, since the curler might burn your lashes or the area around your eyes if it’s too hot.

You may also use a spoon that has been warmed in hot water and the curved side applied to your eyelashes to get the same effect. Before going on to the next eye, keep the spoon in place for around 10 seconds. This method is just as effective as the last one, but it comes with a lot fewer drawbacks.

Why does waterproof mascara hold curls better?

After you’ve curled your lashes, use a clear lip balm or chapstick to assist give length and volume to your lashes. However, if you use too much petroleum jelly, your lashes will end up looking glossy.

How to keep your mascara-curled eyelashes curled after you apply it

Many of us have struggled to keep our curled eyelashes open during the day due to obstinate growth. A decent waterproof mascara appears to be the most effective method for accomplishing this.

After using mascara, here’s how to keep your lashes curled:

Begin by curling your lashes as usual, and then apply mascara as usual. To keep your curls in place, use a heated curler and a layer of waterproof mascara, which you can apply fast. It functions as a type of gel for your lashes since waterproof mascara is thicker and more durable. Being that it’s water-resistant, you won’t have to worry about your lashes falling out on humid days, when working out, or while you’re in the middle of a scorching summer heatwave.

Top off your waterproof mascara with a little coating of your regular mascara once the first coat has dried slightly.

Eyelashes uncurl due to a variety of factors, including humidity. While keeping humidity at bay, waterproof and regular mascara will keep your lashes in place.

What Happens If Your Eyelashes Don’t Keep Their Curl?

If your eyelashes don’t stay curled, it’s probably because you curled them incorrectly.

It’s not difficult to learn how to curl your eyelashes. To master it, you’ll just need to put in the time and effort necessary. It typically boils down to these three factors to get it “just right”:

Use a Heated Eyelash Curler if Possible

When using a heated curler, your lashes will stay curled longer since the heat helps to “shape” them. In order to prevent your lashes from being burned by the curler, make sure it’s just warm to the touch.

Make Sure to Use a Waterproof Mascara

Waterproof mascaras provide your lashes the best chance of holding up against moisture, tears, and perspiration.

Remove any extra mascara off the wand by wiping it off with a tissue and then applying two thin coats of mascara. Before adding another coat, allow the prior one to dry completely. If you use too much mascara the first time, the dampness will actually uncurl your lashes.

What to consider while buying best mascara for straight lashes 2021? Buying Guide

You spend hours perfecting your eye makeup. And a little rain, tears, or a dip in a pool or hot tub might ruin your perfect appearance. Waterproof mascara can help prevent this. But not everyone likes waterproof mascara. Some enjoy the way ordinary mascara applies and removes. Waterproof mascara typically needs extra effort and potentially makeup remover to remove.

Wet eyes or frequent swimming may necessitate waterproof mascara. The waterproof composition may not be suitable for thin or sparse eyelashes. It can damage or break lashes. It’s better to safeguard your thin lashes than to damage them.

Is That Your Style?

Brown and black are the two most common mascara hues. But more colors are available. Blue, green, and purple are uncommon colors that some individuals like experimenting with. A lot of firms only manufacture black and brown variations. The color you prefer may necessitate shopping for a different brand.

Is Mascara Animal Tested?

One method firms let customers know their products aren’t tested on animals is by labeling them as cruelty-free. Sadly, no one cares about it. To find out if a product has been tested on animals, carefully read its label.

Will it Smudge?

While distinguishing between waterproof and smudge-proof, be careful not to smudge your face. Companies who make smudge-proof goods warn consumers upfront. Choose one that can safeguard your appearance all day.

Frequently Asked Questions

Question: Is there a difference between waterproof and regular mascara in terms of holding curls?

Answer: Using an excellent waterproof mascara will not only keep you from getting raccoon eyes, but it will also allow you to curl your naturally straight lashes into a nice curl. Waterproof mascaras actually keep their curls better than volumizing mascaras, which tend to weigh the lashes down as a result of the extra product.

Question: Should you avoid wearing waterproof mascara?

Answer: Special events, such as a wedding or a picture session under the sea, are fine to cry in public. Daily use, however, can lead to eyelashes that are dry and brittle, making them more likely to fall out. Waterproof mascara has the potential to damage your lashes by dehydrating them.

Question: Why don’t my mascara-curled lashes stay curled?

Answer: If you want your eyelashes to stay curled all day, use waterproof mascara first, and then your usual mascara. Using waterproof mascara can keep your lashes curled all day long and prevent them from drooping (think of it as hairspray for your lashes).

Concluding: Why does waterproof mascara hold curls better?

For women who want their curls to stay in place for an extended period of time, waterproof mascara is a must-have. With the exception of the third, I used all of these techniques at once and discovered that waterproof mascara always performed better than when I didn’t. It’s like mascara hairspray!

In any case, using waterproof mascara at the end will ensure your lashes stay curled and gorgeous for the duration of the day. Also, it’s a plus if the mascara can also be used to curl your lashes. Now you must have gotten the answer about Why does waterproof mascara hold curls better? It can help maintain your lashes curled and prevent them from falling out or becoming straight. After wiping your makeup off, you’ll be surprised at how much mascara remains on your eyelashes.

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